Make a local connection with the things you love.

Yocal is a tool that combines what it knows about you with what it knows about the city. Its steady stream of information helps you find all the things you love, happening where you live.

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  • Focused, curated content

    Our staff scours events and news from multiple sites and blogs — providing you with a steady stream of hyper-local information relevant to your world.

  • Saves what's important

    Don't let information slip away. Yocal lets you store content on your personal Shelf for easy access or quick reference.

  • A constant companion

    Yocal can live right in your browser. It enables you to instantly save anything you come across to your personal Shelf for future reference.

  • Adaptable to your needs

    Yocal is designed to fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether you visit the site daily, read the email monthly, or use the mobile app while on the go.


  • A personalized stream of articles.

    A personalized stream of articles.

    Your Yocal page is created for you and you alone. Your articles will stream into your page in real time. And you can quickly and easily scroll through, deciding what to dig into and what to Shelf for later.

  • Full control over your interests.

    Full control over your interests.

    Yocal is designed to be relevant. You have control that goes beyond deciding whether you want sport's information or arts and culture. You can decide to be kept in the know on theater events but not concerts.

  • Find something cool? Shelf it.

    Find something cool? Shelf it.

    The Shelf-It tool enables you to store the things that you want to find again fast. Want to remind yourself of the headliners from the upcoming concert series? Or perhaps there's a write up of the new restaurant down the block from your home. Shelf them now, and come back to them later.


It's you + local.

Currently serving Cincinnati

Yocal helps you discover your niche without having to explore every city block. All articles, events and stories will be relevant and useful to you. And many will show you how the kinds of things you love are happening all around you. It introduces you to the city on a personal level. Way beyond checking a single site or newspaper, Yocal gives you personalized, curated information — specific to your interests and your city.

Yocal enables you to enjoy where you live like never before. And it may feel more like home than ever.

Why go Yocal?

  1. Stop hunting for entertainment
  2. Discover hidden resources
  3. Meet new people
  4. Understand your turf
  5. Explore the best watering holes


In your inbox, on your computer, on the go

In your inbox

A weekly email will be sent each week to highlight the most relevant news and upcoming events. In this way you can get the most out of Yocal without needing to visit the site on a regular basis.

On your computer

Use your personal page to see the ever changing news and events. Constantly updated with the latest information relevant to you, Yocal is always adding new content for you to explore.

On the go

The mobile site brings all the functionality of the site to the palm of your hand. Get updated, read full articles and Shelf items you want to hold onto for later.

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